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A Week of Fridays and a Valentine’s Day Postmortem

February 17th, 2011

For no rational reason, every day this week has felt like a Friday.  Perhaps it is the fickle Dallas weather where one week we are coated in 2 inches of ice, and the next week I am wandering around in my flip-flops while my toes enjoy beautifully sunny air.  We have had gorgeous weather this week, and the downside of having every day “feel” like a Friday is that it’s totally not.  Instead, it’s a rather drab Tuesday or mid-week-gasp-for-air Wednesday.  Yup. Exactly. 

So to combat analyzing why I really felt like it was Friday all week (with the ensuing disappointment when it was not), I will recount a most excellent Valentine’s Day.  This year runs a close second to my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day—wherein I, a simple eighth-grader, came home from school, ate Valentine’s Day candy, and beat the original Super Mario Brothers Nintendo. I totally saved that freaking Princess.

This year, I hung out with two friends as we went in search of an adventure.  We ate barbecue at Red, Hot, and Blue, which has the BEST potato salad that I have ever eaten.  Ever.  Then we went to the dead city of Las Colinas (so nicknamed by my coworkers), where there are larger-than-life statues of mustangs running through a fountain.  The moon was almost full, the breeze was warm, and my friends and I laughed as we whirled around the plaza.  Yup, I was channeling my inner teenager (without the angst to damn the man, and although tempted, I did not climb on the mustangs).  Though we probably interrupted the romantic evening of several spoony couples, I did not mind the fact that I was single on Valentine’s Day.  I really didn’t.  And that was nice.  And I just love the term “Post-Mortem” connected with Valentine’s Day.  It’s kind of fabulous, so shout out to Kristen for using the phrase and me stealing it.

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